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    CreateON „Revival of Human Connection“

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    17 Apr, 2021


    Invitation to the co-creation event!

    Let's create new products together!

    The COVID-19 global pandemic has affected each of us, not only in the cultural or economic aspect, but also our social world. Almost a year spent in the screens we are starting to get used to the given conditions but at the same time we miss each other more than ever before.

    WeCreators – an open network of creators, invites you to the creative hackathon CreateON „Revival of Human Connection“. During the event, we will discuss and share the ideas that would help to create a stronger social connection, using creativity and analyzing existing challenges and opportunities.

    It could be anything – a new app that scans your surroundings and creates an illusion for a friend during a conversation, as if you are together, or perhaps vice versa, tired of illusions and screens, creating open art workshops on the roofs of apartment buildings, where we can communicate with each other in a lively and at the same time safe way. Join the event and share your thoughts, because everything is in our hands, so let’s grow ideas that will respond to this changing world together!

    Registration is open until April 15th!

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      Share the problems or challenges that you would like to analyze with other Creators! Have some great ideas, but struggling to gather a team to implement? Share those with us and we will help you finding the best matches!